loss - when it is needless to happen

my family back in California has extended family. no one really blood related but family to them non the least. i got a phone call not to long ago this morning from my mother. you could hear in her voice the tears. you can hear the heart break and the non understanding of the situation. i say hello mom and she breaks down.

there is a young mom about my age who was once a friend of mine well more someone i knew because she was a friend of my sister. they think of her as family, and i guess the loss has hit them more.

sometime last night or this morning God called for a young child to come home. for me though the call was brought on by stupidity. free will will do that to people. the young mom has lost her two year old. some how a 11 year old got a hold of a gun and shot the 2 year old. the child has pass.

now this is the part where almost everyone of you will not be happy with me for but i have to stay real. i cant be fake with my self nor my blog or to you who read it. i have compassion for the baby who was lost, my heart is with him. i know he is in a better place and i can only pray for those who are grieving for this lose. but my compassion isnt easily given to all. i need to pray my self to find compassion for the young mom. i know that accidents happen. but really stupidity shouldnt be excused. we have learned not to leave guns laying around. or anywhere for that matter where a child can get to it. loss is hard to deal with and i cant not imagine the feeling of losing my child.

so to those who are grieving my prayer and thoughts go out to you. may God be with you in this hard time.

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