how do i feel now - once i got exactly what i asked for

so i have been wanting for years for my father to move with us. i wanted him to be closer and more apart of my childrens lifes.

he is here. we got him to retire and get ready to move here in the end of may. as of june 28th he was here. we moved him in and as he was pulling up with my sweet tea diapers for the kids and food for my hubs i knew that it would be different. is it a bad thing, no i dont think so. is it something we need to get use to ?? yes.

my children have never been babysat, we havent had a date in over 6 years ( 1 since we have been married ) and i dont know what it is to shower with the door closed. now having my father here its like we have a little breathing room just in cramped quarters.i am looking forward to my to my first date in forever, to knowing my children will be safe when we are gone and that i wont have to go crazy thinking what they are doing.

so in short i am supper happy and i just need to get use to having someone else here. i need to stop sleeping in and get back to all of my mommy duties. i need to get back to cooking and not eat out so much and i need to be thankful. thankful that i am able to spend what ever years my father has left with him. that i am able to get to know my dad as an adult while staying his little girl. i am lucky not everyone gets this. so i know i am blessed and i am than you for it.

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  1. I moved to Houston in order to be closer to my father after he had a stroke....I agree with the need to be very thankful that whatever time we have with our dad is an exceptional gift.

    Check out my blog post on being a daddy's girl: http://candace-mixedupmom.blogspot.com/2010/06/daddys-little-girl.html
    you can even leave a comment!! :-)