happy fourth of july - its going good

so church was great and after sneaking in a little blog time earlier today my father took us to lunch. it was so yummy and of course i had left overs to bring home. we went to a local place here called "famous daves" yummy !!!! it was great spending the time with the family before fireworks.

then we had the chance to hang out with the Hollan family. it was so nice to have another family that really is like family to us to hang out with. it was our first holiday with my father here, it was the 2nd fourth of july as a completed family, and the first time that we watched at-home-fireworks. after the short show and a fast bathroom run to BK we headed over to the Hollans home. shae gave us a cool little show. it was my first time seeing fireworks at a house and i have to say they are not to scary they are kind of safe. so maybe just maybe thanks to shae we can have them at my house...maybe.

the one thing though that i felt bad about is i didnt bring J's gift. even though her special day isnt till tues. i wanted to get it to her early. we know how i have a forgetful mind. but maybe they will come over to swim and i can give it to her then. i will have to remember to call to say my happy thoughts to her even if i see her on monday. the kids are knocked out and i am headed to bed. yes before midnight wow i know. happy fourth of july i hope you were all safe.

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