Fun Friday - getting fit the wii way

Wii, getting fit the fun way has never been better and now i think i might just look forward to it. watching my dad play and have fun with a video game he really didnt want to begin with is super cool. the only thing is will be getting my controller back. and yes it is pink!!!!

i have been wanting a Wii for so long but wanted to get my hubs his playstation 3. once my dad moved here and seen how much he wanted it but fought with himself about spending that much money on himself, my father said he would just get as a gift for his son. that he couldnt say no and that he couldnt turn a gift down. he wouldnt be his money to worry about and he could enjoy something for him self. but then the hubs said, "well lets get something the family could use(my children can not play regular video games) so we can all play together." the Wii. i was jumping for joy up and down in spins yelling screaming extra loud {all in my mind of course} and thought that this would be great for my dad. he would have something fun to do. my children could join in because it was movement and nothing violent. A+ all the way around.

so i start Wii fit tomorrow and will do 2 work outs a day plus 30 mins walking and 30 mins on my bike. i look forward to seeing what this fun new toy of ours will bring to us.


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