childrens pepto - tummy all better

my oldest has has a tummy pain for a few days now. we thought it would be good to give her something for it. so we got her childrens pepto. she took two tablets, her tummy stopped hurting and she hasnt complained about it.

i wasnt sure about giving her something i have never taken myself. but her tummy really did hurt and i felt bad.

the facts and information on the product i used

now to my mini rant about buying them !!

so i sent my father to go and get the pepto. not knowing that it would be more then just a simple trip. my father goes and ask someone where it would be and what would be best. the sales person hands him the box he brings it home and when it gets into my hands i find that it has not only been open but its empty. i try calling the store to talk to a manager to make sure i wont have any issues returning it, yet i am left on hold for 20 mins or so. i end up getting ready to go when the manager gets on the phone. basically saying no issue bring it in ... men do those types of things. i was offended by this. they have workers who once a day are supposed to check all meds. the sales person had it in their hands and yet still handed it over.

once i got there i exchanged the product. i have to say the deals and steals i may get from this store is starting to become less and less worth it. the store you may want to know is Walmart.

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