yummiest party favor yet ... proudest moment to date

yummiest party favor i have had to date.... pretty darn cute too. i took the girls to a party yesterday and left the babies at home with daddy.let me tell you if you want a work out go to pump it up. i think i must have sweated a few pounds off yesterday. to say the least the girls had a blast. they jumped and laughed and jumped and jumped some more. mommy joined in because it was to much fun to pass up. all three of us at once went in the obstical course(which i recommend that no one does unless you want a work out) and jumped fell and rolled all together. the girls had fun with they're bff's.

after it was said and done in the two play areas the girls went into the party room to ave pizza and cake. when all that was done and the girls sang to their friends happy birthday i had one of those proud mommy moments. my girls got up and cleared everyone's plates,cups and whatever else was trash and cleaned up. they did it with such a cheerful heart and smile that i couldn't help but be proud. when i had asked them to clean up i of course meant for them to clean their messes. they took it on themselves to clean the rest. they asked me what was trash and all but it was their idea. so i am proud of my girls, always so helpful and caring.


  1. Awww, that was sweet! I love moments like that :)

  2. it was so sweet. i felt like im doing pretty good and my babies are growing up so fast..