when being rubbed the wrong way ... doesnt feel right.

you got to love when people in your life feel they know you or what you do day to day. you have to love when people throw stones in glass houses. they forget what they have, still are and will continue to do in their own lives. i am a mom first and for most. i am wife and a damn good one. i am a 26 year old grown woman who needs no approval from anyone. so i find it offensive when someone feels they can pass judgment when they dont have their own leg to stand on. yes i say things you may not like and yes i find them funny, yes i am rude and out spoken, yes i will go out of my way to help someone and yes i will do what i need to do for my family and yes i am a flirtatious person, and yes i do have friends of the opposite sex and yes i am allowed to talk to them. really what day in age are we in when you feel someone who is married cant flirt nor talk to someone of the opposite sex. i mean will i be taken out side to be stoned?? my husband and i have been together for 8 years and going strong. so if he, the man that i am with that loves me, has no problem with who i am or what i do, i am not to sure if you think of me matters. yes i am a Christian and my faith you can never question. he excepts me with all my faults and understands i am not perfect.

we have come to an understanding that as adults we can do as we like. that the paper we signed does not make our marriage any more then what it is. because even with out that $100 piece of paper i would still be head over heals for my hubs and him for me. it is called common since and respect. if i am out and about have having dinner with one of my friends and the waiter wants to flirt( "that shirt looks something extra special on you" for example) my husband doesnt expect me to put my head down and stay hush hush. if i want to comment back and then have a good laugh at it later on then so be it.

the whole point of this is i love how people can pass judgment and can assume they know what it is. i love how people can pretend to be high and mighty but be no better then what they are judging. i remember a fall call not so long ago when someone was crying( no actual tears) over losing someone because they were going back to there spouse. i remember that they would rather this person walk away from working something out and keep a home for there children because they wanted something so bad. i remember that. i did not pass judgment i was there to listen i was there to understand your point of view. i remember... i was there ...i didn't judge! but i guess some think that they're poo dont stink.

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