weeeee hours of the morning

i am a proud wife of a hard worker!!! he gets up every day and works his butt off for his family. then he gets home and takes over most mommy duties. i am very blessed!!!

with that now said i must now tell you about my wee hour mornings. so my hubs gets up at 3:25am every Monday-Friday {{and i am lucky if he turns the alarm clock off on the weekends}} and uses an alarm clock to get up. yet i wake up most of he time pushing him to turn it off. have you guessed the problem yet?? yup he sets it then when it goes off he just stays asleep. so i get woken up then most likely one of the children do. yes today was one of those days ...uhhh...

but what does this say about me. i use to get up and see my hubs off to work. i use to get up and make his lunch have some breakfast for him and a good bye cant wait till you get home kiss. i need .... i super need to get back to doing all that because that is what he deserves. i can always go back to sleep once i send him off to work. we will work on the remembering to turn off the alarm clock over the weekends. because no matter what there is no reason i should get up that early on days he isn't working ... and further more neither should he!!

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