tuesday's teaching

i am a homeschool mom to all four of my kids. they each are at a different levels. my oldest is the only one who attends public school while still being homeschooled. now that she has had her first summer vacation (shes 6)that means i am having my first. homeschool is different now. its not going as smoothly as i thought because all four are at some type of schooling level. i am trying to find my balance of when to teach who and how much time on each subject. when we move we will have a school room in the new house so i look forward to that. as of now well lets just say we eat dinner in the living room.

April(6) will be going to 1st grade so we have her working on first grade and second grade work this summer. she fills its a treat to get to do homework (don't ask me how i managed that one i have no clue)so she is easy to get going when its her turn to do work.

Havanna (4 1/2) well she isn't much of a fan. but as long as you call it "project time" she is ready and willing to go for it.

Tatiana(almost 2) is working on her abc's which she can sing now we are working on recognizing them. she can count to 35 when some one is counting with her and to 20 by her self. soon we will be doing colors.

Cristofer(will be one in a week) well we are working on touch and using shows like sesame street and Sid the science kid to catch his interest. hes watching sesame street as i type happy go lucky. i am hoping with the big kids signing the abc's and counting with the count that he will start with them ... i love counting with the count.... one ahhhhh two ahhhhh three ahhhhh... super cute.

and for me well i am working on getting back to my bibles studies... im getting there i want to get there ... im doing it !!!!


  1. You are amazing, I'm doing summer school with my kids (7, 4 and 2) and it's going so well. I honestly never thought I could do the homeschooling bit, but I'm finding that I love our time in the "schoolroom," as we now call our dining room. We all love it, and it's really brought a cohesiveness with my kids that I never expected. If I ever needed/wanted to, I no longer doubt that I could absolutely rock the homeschool gig.

    And thank you for your sweet words today, they made me smile.

  2. i am happy that i could make you smile. i have to say that i have fallen in love with homeschooling. i can hoping doing them a service. your blog makes me laugh and i find it so honest. i look forward to reading everything.