tuesday teaching - that being better isnt always easy

i look back at all the things i have done recently and said recently and i am not such a happy camper with myself. i see that my mouth has got out of control and the way i behave ...

i am a good person and i know right from wrong. i have been working on myself striving to be the person i know i am meant to be. i know that every time i step off my path i fall in my childish patterns but hearing my daughter speak in the tone and use the words i use (the clean version) i cant believe i have let myself become this person who i really just am not, and will no longer be. i was taught this past week by my 6 year old that i need and should want to be better. so i shall! i am sure i will slip up here and there and i know that my mouth wont correct it self but i wont get anywhere unless i try. with this new found fellowship and goals i now have i hope it will be easier. only time shall tell.

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