sunday love - sunday morning

so we wanted to go to church today but i guess i keep coming up with excuses of why not to go. today's excuses is that all the children went to sleep extra late. i need to stop this specially when my children are wanting so badly to go to church. April broke down this morning because we weren't going. last night i told her we wouldn't be going because we wouldn't wake up in time. yet after going to sleep late she still woke up early trying to wake us up. we could be walking out the door right now to go to church but yet we are sitting here.

next week we wont be home to go we will be in LA moving my dad here. so when we get back we defiantly need to go. i don't feel welcomed any more and i think that is what the problem is. people say that you don't go for the people that you go for the message. well while that is true my family and i are looking for fellowship. the people are a big part of church and i guess for me the fellowship is just as important as the message. but how do you tell your children no when really all the want to do is go.

with my dad here i know i will have more of a want to go to church. the children will have more of a want if that is even possible. and i hope that my hubs will have more of a want. i can only pray that my calling for the church will come back that i will feel welcomed and that the message will be one that i am called to. i can only pray.

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