Summer vacation

while i have had summers for many years now and a few as a mom as well, i never knew summer would be like this once a child of mine has gone to school. i kinda got use to getting out of bed and having to get dressed { well presentable} to take my oldest April to school. Now we are in the second week of summer and i dont know if i have gotten dressed right out of bed once this summer. i dont think i have left the house with out my hubs being home from work either. did i get dependent on having to take her to school to start my day? did i get dependent on the dumb dumb alarm clock to yell at me? now i am off schedule and i keep telling my self that i will get it together. earlier today i was talking to one of my mommy friends about "the good old days" and how i use to ave it all together. then i realized ..... dumb dumb head..... of course i did i had one kid. i had 3 kids less of stuff and 5 years less of memories to try to store in our little space. no but really i need to get it together and hopefully with out having to drink a million glasses of soda.

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