silly bandz .... my mini rant

my daughter has silly bandz. she really doesn't even know what they are. she isn't old enough yet to get that they are something you trade. but she was sent some and these are a few that she has. let me say this i am not a fan of them but what ever makes my kid smile that wont hurt her i am game for it. with that said i am not looking forward to the yelling matches, crying over broken ones and the fights of which belong to who. they will go in the trash first.

schools nation wide are banning them. they say that they are a distraction. well that only makes me want to buy a pack and save it for the school year and send her every day with one on. it is a bracelet to my child. i can understand the clothing rules those should be common sense anyways. but really a bracelet? until teachers don't wear jewelry to school my child will wear what ever i put her in. i am getting sick and tired of the school system telling me what my child can and cant do. well i am not just complaining about i am putting my foot down(which i did her whole first year)and i will decide what my child can and cant do. i did make her(well god did but i carried her). so that is my rant on silly bandz.pogs/tops are still way cooler i hope they bring those back i was a champ!!i think i still have my number one slammer some where.

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