my tv for the night

so i have a few shows that i love to watch. Kate plus 8 being one of them. so i caught the tail end of it and i have to say kudos!!! it is hard to be a mom of a lot of young children at once, this i know first hand. it is hard to be a parent to a lot of young children at once with support of a partner. so for Kate to do it on her own{{nannies & family help doesn't count}} i give her kudos. yes she gets to do a lot of things regular moms in her position wouldn't get to do but she does them for her children.

i haven't been happy with TLC at all but they have a few programs that are keeping me there. i am hoping that TV can become more of a family thing then adult time and kid time. im not sure i am ok with the shows that put kids out there. not even the shows that put adults out there. so i am happy that they are bringing back family type shows and shows that doesn't make me want to change the channel.

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