my miss no longer in kindergarten

my miss no longer in kindergarten. woke up that morning ready to go. we straighten her hair and she wore a dress that her teachers daughter gave to her. it was so cute. daddy stayed home from wok that morning to be able to see her "promote" as they call it. she was one of the children that announced to the parents. actually the first. even though i helped in the classroom often it was all a surprise to me.who would have thought that this would happen so fast.

after all was done and songs were sang we all got to eat some yummies and we got to chat for a while. i was sad to see the school year end. i love the teacher she had and how involved she was and how much she let me help. April has learned so much at home, but i think she took so much from being able to go to school and make friends and learn things i don't think i would have ever been able to teach. after it as all said and done April got her promotion certificate. took a few shots with her teacher and we were on our way home to get daddy off to work.

when we got home is when all the fun started.April is her daddy ... she is a goof.
she wanted to be as she called it "primo it" yes you guessed it cousin it. so she flipped over her hair and i was lucky enough to catch some photos.

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