Monday Madness

after talking to a fellow blogger of mine and bff for life(i so sounded twelve right there) i thought it would be cute if i did my own daily post. you will have to wait for each day to see what those might be and if each day will even get one. but this should be fun.

monday madness
so the things that i have planned for today seem to take up more time then the day has.
besides getting the children all up dressed and feed, i will have dog duties today(we removed him from his "cage")and i ave house things to get together before the week is out. hut funny thin is i woke up this morning early bu happy. i think i can actually get back to who i was a few years ago just better.

so my plan for today is to get all above into motion, clothes, laundry, meals, menus, homeschool and reading. this is what i will attempt for now. it may only be half of my list but hey its something. while i am doing these i will be getting the house ready for my father to move in by weeks end. we will be driving to go and get him. my family and i look forward to this!!! happy monday

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