knowing love is all it takes

soccer practice.... yes it is time again. we had a little break about 3 weeks. we loaded up the kids rushed out to make a bill payment and headed over, of course with only a few moments to spare. got all the kids out and headed for the field. then it hit us, yup we forgot the chairs. grrrr 112 degrees out and i have to stand. the children dont really care because they want to run around anyways. but me i wanted to read while my hubs played soccer dad. the hubs seeing that i wasnt in my comfty state of mind sent me away to the car. yes leaving himself with all four children. i pulled the car up in the shade turned on the air and was able to watch out of the window at practice. i grabbed my book and wanted to read ( i have a goal ) but just couldnt. i kept looking up out of the window watching my hubs. how great of a father he is and how much he does when there is no need. i couldnt help but smile. read.... ya not at that moment not when i could just watch. it was one of those moments when you were proud and really for such a simple reason but proud.

i could see that the hubs wanted to be more into what april was doing but couldnt because he had the three little ones too. so i called for him to give them to me. which he did with a smile. the girls climbed in the back and played with each other (more screams then anything) and cristofer sat with me on the front seat. we both just watched and smiled and laughed. the hubs is such a great dad so involved. cristofer, with no words, wanted to be out there with his dad. you could just tell.

this was one of those moments for me to just be proud, for no reason but to be just proud. one of those moments you know that love is real, one of those moments when you know you hit the jackpot. one of those moments to be just simply grateful.

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