it was out standing

i went to dinner with my hubs. we have a favorite little place tat we love to eat a as a family. healthy and yummy both at the same time. we ate pretty fast this time because the boy was getting all loud and i don't like to bother people when they are trying to eat. we finished up and Erik was getting ready to take the kids to the car so i could have a few moments with one of my friends who works there. i spent some time with her helping her when i could cleaning my table and thins like that. i look over and an older man dropped his cane while trying to get his food and a young boy maybe 15 got up without being asked to help pick up his cane then took the mans tray and helped him to his seat. all with out even waiting for a thank you. and here i thought i was one of the last parents teaching their children manners. it was just really refreshing to see. it almost made me want to walk up to the parents and thank them. its not often you see respectful teens. i can only hope that is the path i am teaching my children to take.

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