huggies ...come on really now

with four children, two being in diapers, i took a big offense to this. i know i know its just a diaper ad. at first when i saw the commercial i thought to myself "huggies you are so late. there have been jean diaper covers for ages now." then i figured it out. it was one of my slow moments but it came to me. they are diapers. so i followed that revelation up with a facebook post,"if you buy them i wont be your friend" something along those lines. now i am reading all these post and things about how cool they are. ewww just think about it. sooner or later, no matter how great of a mommy you are, there will be a diaper leak. can you imagine the dyes that will come with that and how unsafe i think that will be. but hey to each there own ...right?

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