Fun Friday - dancing and crafting

so today we wanted to do a few things. we wanted to make it fun. since grandpa is here we wanted to make it triple fun. first we danced o some salsa music. that was fun my dad was smiling because all the children were dancing and moving around. tati took a diaper book and turned upside down and pretended that it was a drum. it was super cute. i recorded it and put it on my facebook for family to see. then my youngest cristofer as dancing and having a blast. he was moving around and taking steps toward walking a little. we danced for about 20 mins. which really was a perfect amount. the kids got a little pooped out and they went to rest.

after that we did some crafting. a little fathers day project. the kids are making daddy a few thins, even grandpas too. but shh its a secret. it i fun to see them smile doing the fun stiff in life. we need to do more of it!!!

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