fellowship - i think i found what i have been looking for


i have mentioned before that i have been lost with out fellowship. that i have been looking for it all over again. i found a site tonight through another blogger's site. and i have fallen in love with it. yes i know that i say this often(in comments) but really when you can read post and smile or think about a moment in your life that can easily match to what your reading. this is one of those sites. i have read some post and seen mommy missions ... which is very interesting. so if you are christian or just a mom on a path with him take a look at this site it is truly wonderful !!!


  1. So blessed to have you join us! You're amazing!


  2. Wow I will check that out! Thank you! I am now following you via google. Are you on twitter or fb? I'd love for you to follow me too. Check out the great giveaways while you are there!

    @loveandcents on Twitter
    Living on Love and Cents on Facebook

  3. Meghan,
    thank you i am happy that i found such a site. and i look forward to getting to know all of those who are apart of it.

    living on love..
    i have both fb and twitter. i dont twitter much but ace book i do.
    twitter handle is @fortheloveof4
    face book i am under email loveeach04@yahoo.com
    i will check you out and look forard to see what you have on your site