book store ... turned thinking trip

i took a trip to the book store the other day. who are we kidding, i go a few times a week. but this trip i saw a book in the last chance section. i at first thought i was reading it wrong so i pulled it out. yup i read what i thought i saw. i kinda laughed but then got me thinking how sad it is that the world is kinda like the title of the book, "Stop Dressing Your Six Year Old Like a Skank". how sad it is that you could write a whole book about the subject.i didn't buy it nor did i even open it to look what it was about. but the title stuck with me and for some reason i took a picture of it. so i thought i would share it with you. most of us have girls. it might make you think how a topic like this could be oo so true in some peoples world.

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