back home - still missing home

its 1:24 in the morning and i am back in LA where i am from. i am missing home no matter where i am. if i am in vegas i am missing la but if i am in la i am missing vegas. vegas has become my home my favorite place. there is so much to vegas to me that no where else could be home... that is except for home. i drive down streets that i know like the back of my hand and go places i remember going to when i was little. and then i think of something i missing out on in vegas. an activity that i could have done with my children.

how can you miss one place some much and then when you get there miss what you just left. i look forward to bringing my father back to las vegas with us when we go home. i look forward to the chance in to getting into our home that we have been trying to buy and i look forward to not having to worry so much anymore. then i think about home and what my dad will miss.

its all jumbled in my head so it might not all come out right.
im missing home while being back home.... who would have thought.

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