another school house rant

so do you remember being taught about Pluto? i do !! do you know that they will be taking Pluto out of teaching. do you know when your children are learning about the solar system that Pluto wont be apart of that lesson? i know you must be reading this and be thinking, "Claudia who cares". well i do because it makes me think what else will they not teach our children and what will they be teaching instead. i already deal with the fact that my children will only be taught evolution but nothing about god in school, i will have to deal with this about no Pluto, but what is next??

o well my rant is over and if you are asking what brought this rant on this very silly-o-so-sad picture i found. i seen it and thought, "poor Pluto, poor little Pluto" (laughing a little out loud do to how much it bugged me) no really i seen it and thought something else i will be adding to our homeschool lesson plans.

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