adult time ---

as a mom you don't expect to have a lot of adult relationships or adult conversations. well not while your kids are little. most relationships are due to a play group or something along those lines.tonight was one of those night that i look forward to have many more of. tonight is one of those nights that as a little girl you think you will have.

i have many friends. i have many friends that are like family. i have many people i like being around. but i have this one friend, a friend where you can be super silly in front of where you can be simply you with. i have this friend that no matter the topic will listen and when they speak you want to hear what they are saying.

tonight i went out with that friend. i had more then just a mommy night out, i had a girls night out. no flirting with random people, no getting loud, no having to be the life of the party. just simply old school fun. we went to go see a movie. it was a chick flick of course. a tear jerk-er at that. but i loved every second of it. there was a moment in the movie where we both got teary eyed. each for our own reasons but the same moment. before the movie we had a small meal and a yummy drink {{ that we now plan on trying to learn to make ourselves }}and talk for a while. it was just nice.

i look forward to having more of these moments, more of the clam but silly laughing for no reason moments. i enjoyed my grown up moms night out it was spectacular.

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